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The science programming at Ross Sheppard includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Science, including International Baccalaureate (IB) Programming. Our newly renovated laboratories are equipped with everything a high school student needs. At Ross Sheppard, our science students participate in field studies, field trips to labs at local Colleges and Universities, and being next door to the Telus World of Science, we ensure that we use that resource whenever we can. The teachers Ross Sheppard are focussed on student engagement and achievement for all students.

One of our complementary science programs is Forensic Science 25/35. This course includes a breadth of science concepts including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. In this class, students learn the behind-the-scenes science of C.S.I., such as how to analyze blood splatter patterns, how to take fingerprint samples, how to use DNA and genetic analysis techniques, the science behind fire and explosives, and the studies of entomology, anthropology, and odontology.

For more information on specific courses and the prerequisites required, visit the Alberta Government’s Learn Alberta website here.

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