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Knowledge & Employability

Knowledge & Employability Program
The Knowledge and Employability (K&E) courses provide opportunities for students to graduate from high school with a Certificate of High School Achievement or transition to completing their High School Diploma requirements, with extra support. 
Students whose reading,writing,and/ or mathematical achievement falls below the curriculum expectation can find tremendous success in the Knowledge and Employability program.
In this program we aim to meet the needs of our students through a variety of ways and we ensure that all students have the appropriate adaptations or modifications in their coursework necessary to be successful in their high school education. Students will be in a smaller classroom with a full time Educational Assistant to ensure that each student is getting targeted and individualized instruction. Furthermore, students will also have ample opportunity to use assistive technology to aid in their learning journey.  
Within this program, we offer courses such as Workplace Readiness 10-4, where students will be given the opportunity to engage in developing the broad skills necessary to begin their journey into the workplace. Through community partnership we will be providing our students with the opportunity to experience a wide range of occupations, in both the community as well as in their school environment. Our goal is to develop our students’ “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and help them to discover their passion and potential future plans. 
We encourage all students who are successful in the -4 courses at the grade 12 level to challenge themselves to take -2 classes and graduate with a high school diploma.