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SAA aims to unite minority groups and allies of the Asian community by promoting multiculturalism through providing information about Asian cultures and contributions of Asian Canadians in Canada. With these activities we hope to bring a better understanding of different Asian cultures at Ross Sheppard community. We also work to spread awareness of current events surrounding the Asian community in Canada. Majority of our proceeds during our fundraisers go towards the Asian Gold Ribbon.

SAA’s objective is to not only foster a safe environment that is welcoming and inviting to all students in the school to discuss and explore challenges and successes as they pertain to the Asian communities in Canada. The aim is to encourage all students to become more aware of and involved with the movement for equity through overcoming social, economic, and racial inequalities as they exist within our local communities in Edmonton. Judy Huang will be the president this year and we will have an executive committee to discuss activities
throughout the year.