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Career & Technology Studies

Prepare yourself for life after high school! Career & Technology Studies will allow you to embark now on a serious exploration of your personal interests or future career possibilities while developing technology-related skills to make you more employable as well as get you a head start on your post-secondary studies or entry into the working world.

Discover the mystery behind creating animation using Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Audition, as well as industry techniques in the development of 2D and 3D animated short films.

Applied Graphic Arts
This digital art course focuses on works associated with visual communication and presentation. Image creation, digital editing, typography and colour theory are explored using a variety of digital applications and software.

Computer Applications (Information Processing)
Utilize databases, spreadsheets, presentations, & word processing in solving complex real world problems with professional looking outcomes to be ready for entry-level positions in the business world.

Computer Science and Robotics
Students design and build their own robots, integrate electrical, mechanical, and programming knowledge in a practical and authentic settings. Computer Science & Robotics is a subject and sport for the mind that challenges students’ critical thinking, reasoning, imagination, and innovation.

Design Studies
Interested in a career in architecture, engineering, interior design, landscaping or housing? Imagination and mathematics come together in this course. Learn how to create engineering and architectural drawings using computer assisted drafting software.

Explore the world of spas with makeup application, manicures, pedicures, facial and theatrical makeup, hair removal, gel nails, eyelashes, extensions, and more! Learn various techniques about long hair design, braiding and twisting. A super practical and useful program with real workld applications in a state of the art salon classroom!

Fashion Studies
Increase your knowledge of the fashion industry as well as plan, practice and achieve competencies in designing and constructing fashion projects.

Financial Management
Gain relevant skills to become financially literate in today’s world. Students will sharpen their entrepreneurial skills, manage and balance their personal and business cash flow while learning to build their own investment portfolios.

Film Studies
Students study the artistry of filmmaking techniques and then create short films that demonstrate effective use of lighting, sound, music, camera composition, editing, visual special effects, and makeup. This course provides access to HD cameras, Adobe Premiere and After Effects for editing.

Food Studies
Love to eat? Develop, utilize and implement knowledge and skills related to the many aspects of food. These include nutrition, safety and sanitation, preparation techniques, multicultural food and food ecology. Students will also get to eat their creations!

(Photography Instagram) Discover the ultimate combination of art and science. Photography is an investigation into how students perceive and interpret their world. From camera operation to editing, students create images that inspire. Students learn camera basics, post production editing, using studio and off-camera flashes on the way to becoming a competent and proficient photographer.(Iceland Trip)

Take part in the art of publication. Capture and publish “WE ARE SHEP” in the Yearbook during students’ stay here. Students blend their writing with photography in a collaborative team setting while experiencing the full spectrum and depth of Shep culture from a new angle.