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Global Languages

Travel around the world without ever leaving the classroom. Ross Sheppard offers five different language courses for you to choose from within the following areas: Spanish, French and Chinese Mandarin.

IB courses for the group 2 component of the programme are offered in the following languages:
Chinese (AB initio, Language, BHL, SL), French (Language, B, SL), and Spanish (Ab initio).

Impact of Second-Language Learning  is a great read on the benefits of having a second language skill!

Chinese Language and Culture
This course is designed for those with no prior experience with Chinese. The course is spread over 3 years, and trains students to read and speak basic Chinese, as well as providing them with a cursory look at prominent themes in Chinese Culture.

Chinese Language Arts
Designed for those of that have previous experience with the language. It aims to further develop your language abilities and cultural competence through study and use of a variety of language materials.

Parlez-vous français? Study French at Ross Sheppard offers you a window to the Edmonton Francophone community as well as all the French-spaking countries of the world. Courses offered for beginners to advanced students.

French Immersion
Parlez-vous déjà français? This program aims to further develop your French language abilities by immersing you in the French culture. You will studying literature, the sciences and the arts all in the language of romance. Courses offered in French include: FLA, Etudes Sociales, les Mathématiques et les Sciences up to the grade 12 level.

Bienvenidos! Spanish Language and Culture 3-Y program is intended for students who have had little or no previous instruction in Spanish. Students will develop their proficiency in all four language skills: oral and written production and reading and listening comprehension. The focus is on building the students’ confidence as they experience the diverse aspects of the Spanish speaking world,while using the language in everyday situations.