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French Immersion

Continue what you started! Early and Late Immersion students will join a comprehensive program at Ross Sheppard. Impassioned teachers work together closely to support you in your learning through French in the core subjects. Complete your schedule with complementary courses in English... the best of both worlds!

French Language Arts (FLA)

Immersion students learn more about one of Canada's official languages, and the world of Francophone literature and culture. Participation in the Edmonton Francophone community and its activities is a highlight. FLA supports you in your other core immersion subjects. FLA 30 also qualifies as an IB language. C'est magnifique!

Ross Sheppard District Bilingual Certificate

Students in French Immersion can also earn a district bilingual certficate. In order for a student to receive the certificate, he or she must have taken: FLA 10, 20 and 30 as well as 7 other courses from which at least two of them are taken in grade 12 (each course represents 5 credits).

Grade 10 (20 credits)

  • FLA 10 + these 3 courses
  • Sciences 10
  • Mathématiques 10C
  • Études sociales 10-1

Grade 11 (minimum 15 credits)

  • FLA 20 + at least 2 more courses
  • Biologie 20
  • Chimie 20
  • Mathématiques 20-1
  • Études sociales 20-1

Grade 12 (minimum 15 credits)

  • FLA 30 + at least 2 more courses
  • Biologie 30
  • Chimie 30
  • Mathématiques 30-1
  • Études sociales 30-1

With a minimum of 50 credits in French Immersion courses, including FLA 10, 20, and 30, and 2 more courses in grade 12, the student will be awarded the District Bilingual Certificate.

Further information about French Immersion can be found the district's language Web site.