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Fine Arts

Art (Click here to see more)
Explore and appreciate the world around you through a variety of media. You are encouraged to create works that are products of your experiences. The program's environment is such that you are encouraged to develop your own strengths and style.

Ceramics (Click here to see more)
Students learn the techniques and skills to produce ceramic art. Handbuilding and throwing techniques are explored and students learn how to incorporate their own visual imagery onto ceramic material that can be functional or purely for design.

Drama (Click here to see more)
Ross Sheppard High School has a growing and thriving theatre arts program that is designed for both artists who wish to pursue a career in performing arts and for those who want to gain skills in creativity and collaboration.

Are you a guitar hero? You will be introduced to the fundamentals of music as applied to the guitar including music reading, single note techniques, chording in a wide variety of styles, and performing.

Music (Click here to see more)
Designed to improve technique as well as reading and listening skills. Higher levels will focus on technique, performance, practices, music styles, and ensemble playing.

Instrumental jazz introduces you to improv skills and jazz styles. Advanced levels cover more detailed elements of jazz history, improv techniques and styles. Taught in the jazz ensemble format. Offered to students enrolled in Instrumental Music or with existing knowledge and understanding of music and fluency in a jazz band instrumentation.