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Ross Sheppard Student Tutors (Peer Tutor)
If you are a current SHEP student and need some help in a course or two, we have peer tutors available! To request the assistance from a Ross Sheppard student tutor please come to Student Services for more information. 
Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?
We are always looking for qualified candidates to tutor. If you are a current SHEP student and you've received 80% or greater in a completed course and you've got what it takes to patiently teach your peers?  Come to Student Services for more information and to determine your eligibility!
U of A Tutoring for High School Students 
Best part is that they offer FREE services!
We also have on-call tutoring sessions for $5/hr.    
U of A High School French Tutoring
French tutoring is also offered, but only as on-call tutoring which is outside of the drop-in sessions and is $10/hr.
Free Tutoring at Metro
Free one-on-one high school tutoring to Edmonton Public School students.
Solaro through the Edmonton Public Library
Study Help and Exam Prep for grades 10-12 in Math, Science and English Language Arts. Use your existing library card or get a new card to sign up and access Solaro via the link provided (you will have to scroll down to the 'S' section).
Solaro through the EPL
At Student Services, we are always willing to try and set you up with a suitable tutor in most courses in which you might need a boost. Following are some more suggestions on how to access a tutor.
* Information listed below is only intended to serve as general information. Reference does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the following tutor agencies by Ross Sheppard High School or its staff.
Agency Phone Number/Email

A & D Tutoring Services


Academy for Mathematics & English


Kumon Math & Reading Centre

Terra Lossa - 587-520-8993
Riverbend - 780-433-5182
Castle Downs - 780-413-6299

Learning Assistants Instructional Services 780-499-8050

Oxford Learning Center


Royce Tutoring


U of A / Edmonton Public Library Tutoring Service

780-803-9488, 780-246-5732