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The Shep Science program covers biology, chemistry and physics. We have an environmentally friendly lab program designed to minimize our effect on the environment while facilitating quality skill acquisition. We have a Ross Sheppard Science Share site with detailed information.  Look forward to field trips like River Watch, U of A Physics Labs, and NAIT and U of A Chemistry Labs that allow students to gain experiences not possible in a traditional school setting.


Complementary courses like Forensic Science allow you to apply your knowledge in real world applications. Our team of dedicated teachers brings science alive with lots of hands-on activities, links to Alberta industry, and current scientific research. Science in Grade 10 can lead to general Science in Grades 11 and 12, or on more detailed Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.


Forensic Science

Do you like science? Do you like reading and solving mysteries? How about doing labs and working with others? We do a little biology, chemistry, physics and yes, even a little bit of math! We will cover blood splatter, fingerprinting, genetics, fire and explosives, entomology, anthropology and odontology.