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Career & Technology Studies

Prepare yourself for life after high school! With all these interesting courses the hard part is choosing which to take. Career & Technology Studies allow you to embark on serious exploration of your future career options while you develop technology-related and employability skills that you can use to get a head start on your post-secondary studies or direct entry into the working world.

This instructional program prepare students to use artistic and technological foundations to create animated presentations for entertainment. Students will develop basic drawing and design skills, learn the fundamentals and physics movement, the concept of communication to a given audience, and techniques for self-expression through a variety of animated formats. They will explore the careers and requisite skills required by animators today.

Computer Applications
Learn more about business and how to efficiently use databases, spreadsheets, graphics tools, presentations and word processing to solve complex problems with professional looking outcomes.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Microsoft Office, with a continued focus on file management and keyboarding. Advanced-level students will develop valuable workforce readiness skills and be ready to apply for entry-level positions in the business world.

Computer Science
If you can't get enough of computers, this is the course for you. Use computers as a tool to help you problem solve. Learn the fundamentals that can be applied to any computer programming language and explore all sorts of computer related careers.

Design Studies
Interested in a career in architecture, engineering, interior design, landscaping or housing? Imagination and mathematics come together in this course. Learn how to create engineering and architectural drawings using computer assisted drafting software.

Fashion Studies
It's Project Runway at Shep! Increase your knowledge of the fashion industry. Plan, practice and achieve competencies in designing and constructing fashion projects. And not to worry - you won't be asked to leave the runway.

Financial Management and Entrepreneurship
With the economy being such a hot topic right now, this is a course everyone will benefit from. Want to be your own boss? Learn about owning a business and the various careers in the financial field. Explore the mysteries of money, debits, credits, financial statements and inventory control.

Prepare income taxes and study the stock market. At the advanced level, you will run your own real business from the initial stages of developing a business plan to the liquidation of your venture.

Film Studies
Students experience both the creative and technical aspects of film-making in conjunction with learning about historical and contemporary traditions and conventions. Students are instructed on the three stages of project creation. In pre-production, students learn the basic principles of story development, screenplay writing, storyboarding and scheduling. Instruction in the production stage includes basic visual composition, color theory, set up and operation of camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Students learn to use cutting-edge software applications for video and audio post-production. Mastering and delivery methods, in both traditional and new media, are explored.

Who knew there was so much to know about food? Develop, utilize and implement knowledge and skills related to the many aspects of food. These include nutrition, safety and sanitation, preparation techniques, multicultural food and food ecology. You will also get to eat... and who doesn't love that part?

The world of robotics is new and exciting! It's mainly an integration of technologies; electrical, mechanical and programming technology all play a role in how a robot is designed and built. You will learn about the many parts that make a robot work and how they relate to each other. Everything you've learned in science will be reinforced in this class. You will also get to use robots to solve problems. But they can't do your homework for you.

Legal Studies 30
Students will explore three main areas of law - Property & Consumer, Criminal, and Negligence - through case studies, documentaries, research projects, and class discussions. Students will be able to gain the ability to locate, understand and interpret legal statutes including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal Code of Canada, Residential Tenancies Act, Fair Trade Act and Human Rights legislation.

The course is rounded off by studying Landmark Decisions, in which students learn about court cases that changed the way the law was interpreted, applied or written. In combination with Landmark Decisions, students complete Controversy and Change, a course examining issues and topics that are surrounded in debate and controversy, such as same-sex marriage, euthanasia, capital punishment and domestic violence.

All 5 course units in Legal Studies 30 are at the 30-level. If students successfully complete all 5 of the 1-credit courses, Legal Studies 30 can be counted towards high school diploma requirements as a 30-level course. There are no prerequisite course requirements to enroll in Legal Studies; it is recommended that students have completed Social 10-1 or 10-2.

Photography (Photography Instragram)
With the photography program you will learn the science and art of what it takes to make a compelling, beautiful photograph. From learning camera basics to post production editing to using studio and off-camera flash, you will become a proficient and competent photography. 

Iceland 2017 - Photography Trip

Web Design
Learn the basics of using an HTML editor in both code form and design view. This course will give you a leg up in the digital commuincations world.