Edmonton | News http://www.epsb.ca/ Recent news from Edmonton Schools Site en-gb Copyright: (C). http://www.epsb.ca/ 15 <![CDATA[RBC Indigenous Student Awards Program]]> The RBC Indigenous Student Awards Program provides Status Indian, Non-status Indian, Inuit or M├ętis students up to $5,000 each academic year, for two to four years, to use towards tuition, textbooks, supplies and living expenses. 

Applications and supporting documents must be received by RBC on or before February 28, 2021.  To learn more regarding eligibility and to apply, visit RBC 2021 Indigenous Student Awards Program.

RBC awards ten scholarships in two categories:

  • For students majoring in disciplines related to the financial services industry
  • For students majoring in disciplines unrelated to the financial services industry

They also consider scholarship recipients who are interested in careers in financial services for summer and post-graduate employment.

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<![CDATA[ TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership]]> The TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership is an award up to $70,000  for grade 12 students in their graduating year who are making an outstanding contribution to their community.  A minimum average of 75% is required. Please visit TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community LeadershipDeadline: November 13, 2020.
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<![CDATA[Schulich Leader Scholarships]]> Schulich Leader Scholarships are prestigious entrance scholarships awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at 20 Canadian partner universities.

Requirements: The nominee must possess at least two of three criteria:
1. Academic Excellence
2. Leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)
3. Financial Need

Ross Sheppard can nominate ONE student for this award. The school nomination deadline is January 27. 2021. Please indicate to Ms. McGowan in Student Services that you would like to be nominated no later than January 22nd. Please provide Ms. McGowan with the following information:
1. A transcript
2. A list of your leadership accomplishments
3. Financial need (if you are applying under that category)
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