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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

School phone lines and emails remain open for communication with families.



Season of Play:

Indoor Co-Ed: October to March

Outdoor: April to June


Indoor Co-Ed: Early October

Outdoor: End of March, Early April


Indoor Co-Ed: Dan Steiner, Tyler Graham

Senior Men Outdoor: Dan Steiner, Tyler Graham

Senior Women Outdoor: Dan Steiner, Nicole Carnahan


Metro Athletics Website for more information and schedules:

Indoor Soccer: http://metroathletics.ca/standings.php?league_id=69615

Senior Men Outdoor: http://metroathletics.ca/standings.php?league_id=62047

Senior Women Outdoor: http://metroathletics.ca/standings.php?league_id=62156

For more information please contact dan.steiner@epsb.ca

Please follow @shep_athletics on Instagram for more information


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