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CLS Program

Community Learning Skills

The program of studies for the CLS class includes: Academics, Food Studies, Grocery Shopping, Library, Recreation Days, and Physical Education, as well as opportunities for Community Access and Travel Training.

Our Schedule:

Academics (Tuesday and Friday AM)

The focus of Academic Studies for students in the CLS Program is to develop functional life skills.  This may include, but is not limited to reading, basic numeration skills (Math), communication, and social skills. Students will develop their reading skills in the classroom through guided reading activities. Guided reading involves small groups and using literature at the students’ reading level.  Spelling and writing are also important components of our academic program. Students will have the opportunity to write for many purposes, including list making, completing basic information (name, address, telephone number), and filling out applications.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, including listening and speaking as part of their academic studies.

Swimming (Tuesday PM)

Each week, on Tuesday afternoon, the students will visit the Peter Hemmingway Pool, which is conveniently located across from Ross Sheppard. Students are supervised by staff and will work on programs such as Aquasize, and swimming basics. Students may also make use of the other pool amenities, such as the Hot Tub, Sauna and Steam Room.  Students will keep their swimwear at school over the course of the year and wash this laundry each week as part of their program.  Non-swimmers are still expected to accompany our class to the pool.

Food Studies (Monday or Wednesday)

The students in the CLS class are divided into two groups for food studies. On these days the student will shop for groceries, prepare lunch, perform clean-up duties and plan next week’s menu.  In addition, students will develop their knowledge in healthy eating and using kitchen equipment safely.

Edmonton Public Library (Monday or Wednesday)

Students in the CLS class visit the Woodcroft Library once per week. At the Library our students will sign out materials for use in the classroom.  We will keep these material at school and return them to the library each week.

Recreation Days (Friday)

Each week we have planned a special field trip for the students in CLS program. They are listed on the monthly calendar. Please ensure the student is dressed appropriately for the activity and/or weather.  Parent volunteers are always welcome; if you are interested in helping out with our class on an outing please let us know. We would be happy to have you.

Movie Day (Third Wednesday of each month)

Each month, the students in the CLS class attend a movie at the Cineplex. (50 St - 129 Ave) The cost of the admission and a movie meal (small drink, popcorn and a treat) is $8.00 and is covered by students. Please let us know if there are allergy or dietary concerns that we should be aware of.


The students participate in a number of dances over the course of the school year. These are held at the ACT Center in Rundle Park.