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Thunderbird Spirit

Thunderbird Spirit is all about doing and being your best every day. It's being a part of something bigger than yourself. Get your Thunderbird Spirit on at Ross Sheppard!


Legend of the Thunderbird

The legend of the Thunderbird is a story of strength, wisdom and spirit. In First Nations' beliefs and customs, the Thunderbird displays his energy and power through the robust nature of prairie storms. His force is not to be feared but is a reminder of the strength of the natural world.

Just like the storms he creates, the Thunderbird is active through spring and summer, and uses the fall and winter months to learn and share his wisdom with others. The Thunderbird is a passionate being who welcomes challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. The powerful Thunderbird sits atop the totem pole and challenges us to find our spirit and sense of self.

Thunderbird Spirit guides our behavior and motivates us all to achieve excellence. Become a part of the legend at Ross Sheppard High School.